Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pondering how to list bows

I have tens of thousands of bows. Anything you can imagine.  Nothing would make me happier than seeing them be shipped out so I can make more.  I have tiny puppy bows and larger mane or collar bows. I have korkers and round bows. I have plain, inexpensive, acetate ear bows and tons more acetate ribbon someone gave me. (I never use acetate for my regular bows; but some groomers really need to cut expenses.  I've got holiday bows and patriotic bows. I've got sports themed bows and more pink and red bows in all different kinds of ribbon & bling.  I realize that looking at what is in my Etsy or Artfire shops no one would even have a clue how many bows I have.  I really enjoy making them and shipping them out; but I get bogged down with the picture taking and posting to the shop.  I need inspiration. I need an idea. I need magic.  What would be the best way for me to list these bows for you? Please, I need to know who is interested in what and how they'd like to shop.  Comment below or email me at

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