Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vote for Sophie!

From one of the groomers using Aurora Bows:

Chow Chow Rescue needs your vote!!!  We've entered Sophie in a contest to win 10,000.00 for our rescue.  You can vote everyday so please do.  Voting starts January 26th.  So please vote everyday and pass this along to everyone you know.
Just a little bit about Sophie.
We pulled Sophie from a shelter in Richmond, Va.  She was only 10 weeks old and blind.  Can you imagine being blind in a scary shelter.  Since the day we got her she seemed to be having a few issues.  She would bite at the first touch.  I knew this was something she would have to learn and it is getting better but she still lashes out from time to time.  She also seems to be having seizures.  She will wake up from sleeping and be in a frantic state.  We are now videoing her in hopes to catch one of her fits.  She also will pee and poop in her area and will lay in it, not caring that she is soaking wet and caked in poop (hence her getting a bath everyday).  With all this said we have taken her to my Vet and done all kinds of blood work and taken in many urine samples.  We did find she had a urinary tract infection and treated her for that and it is now gone.  We also found out she is not concentrating her urine.  There are many reasons this could be happening so we are now seeking the knowledge of an internal medicine specialist.  Dr. Koch called to let me know Sophie's Liver Function test came back abnormal.  He said that the seizures and her not concentrating her urine could both be caused by this Liver Dysfunction.  We will try and treat this by reducing the ammonia the Liver is trying to detoxify.  He is putting her on a protein-restricted diet, a drug called Lactulose and one called Metronidazole.  He said if this is what is causing her issues we should know within a few days.  If not, we will need to run some more tests.  I sure hope this helps Sophie.
So please vote for Sophie everyday so she can get the medical attention she deserves!
Chow Chow Rescue
of Central New York, Inc

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